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Why Shouldn’t a Parent in the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Be Alone?

Elder Care in Laguna Beach CA: Your mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She doesn't forget too much, so you feel she's fine living alone.

She Needs Time to Adjust to Having Caregivers Around

Your mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t forget too much, so you feel she’s fine living alone. Most families think this way, but you should consider senior care services now for good reason.

Elder Care in Laguna Beach CA: Early Stages of Alzheimer’s

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, your mom won’t need much in the way of care.
Her biggest issues may be remembering to take her medications and anxiety over the fact that she has Alzheimer’s. There are bigger concerns coming in the future, however. Memory loss, agitation, and difficulties with gait and balance will hit at some point. When they do, you want her to know her caregivers.

If your mom is into the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s, hiring caregivers at that point may frighten her. She doesn’t know this person. She’s more likely to be agitated and act up in their care. When she’s become accustomed to caregivers over the past few years, she’ll be more accepting of increased senior care services.

Diet May Help

There have been many studies on diet and Alzheimer’s. While no diet can stop or cure the disease, there are diets that can help your mom avoid gaining too much weight. While weight gain doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things because this is a fatal disease, it makes it easier for you or other caregivers who have to lift her, bathe her, and get her dressed.

Plus, a healthy diet can keep type-2 diabetes from appearing and adding another list of care needs. Make sure your mom is eating plenty of fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruit, and whole grains. If she no longer cooks, which is common as Alzheimer’s advances, caregivers can cook meals for her.

Companionship Helps Ease Depression and Anxiety

Set your mom up with companionship service to help keep anxiety and depression from setting in. Depression often appears after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. If you can ensure your mom has a group of people visiting throughout the week, she’s less likely to feel depressed. That can also keep anxiety from appearing.

You don’t need to start with senior care services each day. Start slow.y. Have your mom spending time with caregivers once a week. As her symptoms increase, you can add care services to meet her changing abilities. Call a senior care agency now to talk about pricing and services for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

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