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National Golf Day

Elder Care in Tustin CA

Golf is a very popular pastime for elderly adults. It can also be a highly beneficial addition to your elder care journey. Golfing promotes physical activity, social interaction, and cognitive processingElder-Care-in-Tustin-CA that all combine to support better mental, emotional, cognitive, and physical health. April 28 is National Golf Day. This is the perfect chance to enjoy some golf-related activities with your aging parent and to find ways to integrate this favorite activity into your regular elder care routine.


Let these ideas inspire you for ways that you can celebrate National Golf Day:

  • Play a round. Get out and enjoy a round of golf at your local course. Call ahead and find out when the least crowded tee times are. This will help you to select a time when your parent will be most active and engaged, but there will also be fewer people. This way you do not feel pressured if your parent must play at a slower pace. Encourage your parent’s elderly health care services provider to come along. He can act as an extra source of support and care for your parent’s needs throughout the game.
  • Try for mini. If there are no golf courses near you, or you think that such an activity would be too strenuous for your parent, plan a game of miniature golf. Most areas have several miniature golf courses that use different themes and have varying difficulties for the holes. Look for a course that is engaging for your parent and that will let him enjoy the fun and good-natured competitiveness of golfing but on a smaller scale. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your children in on the fun and encourage some quality time between the generations.
  • Head to a driving range. Golfing does not have to mean going from hole to home on a large or even small course. Head to the local driving range and drive some balls for the afternoon. This is a great way to stimulate your parent’s mind and body through encouraging focus, concentration, and competition with himself and even those around him. If you are not a golfer, do not hesitate to ask him for a few pointers. Letting him teach you how to hold the club or techniques for a better drive will give him a mental boost and strengthen your relationship.
  • Try a video game. If the weather on National Golf Day is not good, or your parent is not able to get out of the house to enjoy golfing, try a video game. Several gaming systems offer games that are based on golf. Some involve using a controller to manipulate the player, while others require you to move your own body in the ways that you would if you were golfing. If possible, choose a game that will get your parent up and moving. This will get him some physical activity while also triggering memories and improving his cognitive health. Be sure that you provide plenty of space to play the game so that there are no accidents involving the club-shaped controller.


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