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Planning a Fun Family Outing for National Bowling Day

Elder Care in Newport Beach CA

August 13 is National Bowling Day. This is a fun opportunity for you to plan a special day with your aging loved one and the rest of your family to spend time together making memories that you Elder-Care-in-Newport-Beach-CAwill treasure well into the future. As with anything in your care journey with your aging parent, however, it is important that you plan ahead and make the proper preparations so that you can ensure that everyone involved has a good time.


Use these tips to help you plan a fun family outing for National Bowling Day:

  • Choose an “off” time. Contact the local bowling alley and find out when their least busy times of day are so that you can select one of these as the time when you will visit with your senior and the rest of your family. This will help ensure that the alley is not crowded, loud, and overwhelming. Try to choose a time that fits in with these “off” hours that is also comfortable for your senior, rather than a time that is challenging such as when they would usually be eating or napping.
  • Consider bumpers. Especially if you have young children, having bumpers on the alley can help to make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved. These bumpers reduce anxiety and allow everyone who is playing to not feel as though they are being left behind.
  • Choose the right ball. Having a ball that is too heavy will put extra strain on your parent’s body and make it too difficult for them to bowl properly. Choose a ball that their fingers fit into comfortably and that they are able to lift and roll easily. If you are concerned that you are not able to choose the right ball, ask someone who works there to help you.
  • Eat ahead of time. Grabbing a few snacks at the alley is part of the fun, but the food generally offered at these locations is rarely healthy. Overindulging in fatty, heavy, fried foods can make your parent feel sick and can put their health at risk. Instead, eat a healthy meal before heading to the bowling alley, and then choose one or two snacks to share among the family while you are enjoying your game. This way you can indulge in the special treats without overdoing it.


Starting an elder care arrangement for your aging parent is an exceptional way to help them achieve a more active, engaged, and enjoyable lifestyle as they age in place. This elderly home care services provider can be with your parent as often as is necessary or desirable to offer a personalized approach to care that is tailored to their specific needs, challenges, preferences, and personality so that they can achieve their care goals and live the life that they want to while still staying safe, healthy, and strong. This can mean planning special outings to keep them active or just enjoying conversations, games, and activities at home.


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