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Should Older Adults with Insomnia Use Sleeping Pills?

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Most people have strong opinions in regards to taking sleeping pills. They are either completely for or against taking drugs to help them sleep. While people of all ages are taking pills to help them rest easier at night, elderly adults are the most common age group to take sleeping pills. In fact, about one-third of seniors are using them.

The American Geriatrics Society recommends trying nondrug ways to treat insomnia for a number of reasons. Here are just a few reasons older adults should think twice before taking a sleeping pill.

The side effects could be fatal

What may seem like a minor side effect to most people could have deadly consequences for elderly adults. This is partly due to the fact that this age group is much more sensitive to medications than others. These types of drugs can also have a dangerous impact on their mental state by increasing their risk of being involved in a car accident and boosting the likelihood that they will fall.

It may not be as effective as it claims to be

Companies that promote these types of sleeping aides often guarantee that you will get a full night’s sleep with one pill. However, these medications have been shown to not be as effective as they claim to me. Most people who take sleeping pills may sleep a little longer than those who do not take it, but there is a very small difference in the amount of rest the elder will get.


Before taking these medications, have the elder talk to their doctor to find out what medication he would recommend. If your loved one is having sleeping problems, have an elder care provider help them with creating a daily schedule that will help them fall asleep at the same time each day. This schedule should include a consistent wakeup time, bedtime, and meal times in order to be effective.

Also, before using any sleeping pills have your elderly parent get a medical exam. There may be an underlying reason for their insomnia, such as depression, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, or pain. If the doctor can treat their current health ailments, they may be able to get rid of their sleeping issues altogether.


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