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Help! My Aging Loved One Needs Overnight Care

If you have an aging mom or dad that is not able to manage the daily tasks of life that keep them clean, fed and safe, you are the family caregiver that is responsible for them.
Seniors like your mom or dad do well with assistance from you and others, which enables them to live in their home instead of elsewhere. Hiring elderly care providers may be one of the best things that you can do to reduce their worries and stress levels and ease your mind. Overnight care is an important factor for them, and for yourself.

Caregiver in Newport Beach CA: Senior Overnight Care
Caregiver in Newport Beach CA: Senior Overnight Care

The most difficult time to find someone to be with an elderly relative is overnight. That’s why many family members hire elderly care providers, professional assistants that are trained to assist seniors with every need.

Why Would Seniors Even Need Overnight Care?

You might think it unwise to hire a skilled and professional elderly care provider to take a care shift overnight. Your reasoning may be that your loved one needs attending in the day, but not at night because you think your elderly parent will just be sleeping. However, there are plenty of good reasons for hiring an elderly care provider for overnight care.

These are just a few reasons why:

  • Bathroom-related issues like overactive bladder or Crohn’s disease
  • Chronic pain from conditions like arthritis
  • Sleep-related problems like insomnia or sleep apnea
  • Discomfort from positioning, muscle cramps or poor circulation
  • Unpleasant room temperatures, being too hot or too cold
  • Disorientation or panic due to affected memory or dementia issues

These issues are among the many reasons why it makes sense for aging adults who are dependent on family caregivers and elderly care providers in the day to also have overnight care. Getting a good night’s sleep plus having someone there to depend on goes a long way toward the senior’s safety and wellness.

Elderly Care Providers Give Overnight Care

Having an elderly care provider on duty for overnight care can give both you and your aging relative considerable peace of mind. Just knowing that a compassionate professional is there overnight can lead both parties to relax better. They can help your aging mom or dad get ready for bed each evening by getting them changed and comfortable. In the night, they are nearby if your elderly parent needs anything.

Don’t make the same mistake that millions of family caregivers and their elderly parents do by ignoring the overnight hours when setting up caregiving arrangements. Elderly care providers that are scheduled for overnight care are just as important as those providers who work in the day. If you have concerns about your aging mom or dad and their nighttime needs, consider hiring someone for overnight care.

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