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5 Things Seniors Can Do With Christmas Cookies

Caregiver in Irvine CA: During the Christmas season, it’s appropriate for people to show appreciation for the many people in their lives who contribute to the community in many ways.

During the Christmas season, it’s appropriate for people to show appreciation for the many people in their lives who contribute to the community in many ways.
Many elderly adults grew up with a tradition of delivering baked goods to certain people in the community and it makes them feel good to express their gratitude. However, as seniors become more dependent on others for their daily care, such as family caregivers and home care providers, they rely on these supporters to help them continue their holiday traditions.


Caregiver in Irvine CA: Senior Christmas Cookies


As aging adults look for inexpensive yet impactful ways to spread some holiday cheer, family caregivers and home care providers can assist them in making and decorating Christmas cookies. Home care providers can step in and help when they are needed as the aging adult finds favorite cookie recipes and composes a list of ingredients. Once the cookies are made, decorated and packaged, the home care provider or family caregiver can drive the aging adult around to deliver their delicious baked goods.



It’s customary to deliver a small token of appreciation to neighbors, and homemade Christmas cookies are the ideal gift. It’s a good opportunity for seniors to connect with neighbors that they haven’t seen for a while or who help them out with neighborly tasks like shoveling the sidewalk or helping with yard work.


Fire Station/Police Station

Many people want to show their gratitude for the local police and firefighters, and baked goods are always appreciated. As community heroes, police officers and firefighters put their own lives at risk to help others. A goodwill gesture of Christmas cookies lets them know that their service and sacrifice is not going unnoticed.


Medical Workers

Elderly adults have a lot of health issues and are in frequent contact with their doctor, nurses and other medical workers like physical therapists or occupational therapists. It’s appropriate for aging adults to prepare a small cookie plate and deliver it to the clinic with a card expressing appreciation. The home care provider can help by calling ahead to see when particularly helpful staff will be there to receive it.


Postal and Sanitation Workers

At Christmas, many people like to tip or otherwise show gratitude for postal workers and sanitation workers that service their home. Family caregivers and home care providers can help flag down the workers and facilitate the delivery to show how thankful the aging adult is.


Home Care Providers

Perhaps no other role plays as big a part in an aging adult’s life as their home care provider. Family caregivers can assist their elderly relative in creating the surprise and getting the cookie plate ready for the home care provider. It’s an excellent and delicious way to say thanks and wish this key person the best.


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