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What If You’re Sick?

Home Care Manhattan Beach CA-When you're the one caring for your mom and you wake up and don't feel good, what happens next? Hiring home care providers could assist in such a situation.
Home Care Manhattan Beach CA - What if You're Sick?

Here’s the problem with being a family caregiver. You can’t always be certain you won’t become ill or need a week or two for yourself. When you’re the one caring for your mom and you wake up and don’t feel good, what happens next? Hiring home care providers could assist in such a situation.

Take Time Off

Take it from others who have had some of the viruses going around this year. Take time to recuperate. COVID is just one of the many viruses that are prevalent. There is also RSV, which for many is just a mild cold, but for those with chronic health conditions, it can be exhausting.

Flu season is starting up. There’s also rhinovirus making the rounds. No matter what hits you, you’re going to be tired. You might find yourself coughing non-stop, blowing your nose raw, and even battling a fever. You won’t have the energy to take care of your mom properly. Plus, you don’t want her to contract it from you.

Know When to Talk to Your Doctor

ERs and clinics are overwhelmed in some areas with the number of patients coming in with this year’s viruses. If you can, stay home and recover on your own. Call your doctor for a list of recommended medicines, but don’t go see your doctor unless you have a high fever that’s not going away or you’re struggling to catch your breath.

If your mom does get the virus from you, talk to her doctor to make sure the medications you’re taking are okay for her. If she has high blood pressure or other health issues, she may not be able to take the same over-the-counter cold and flu remedies that you do.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Your body needs to flush out the virus, and it helps if you’re drinking a lot of fluids. Water, seltzer, and juice are good to have on hand. If you have a sore throat, it can last days. Ice blended with water, lemon juice, and honey can help ease the burning and pain.

Keep bone broth on hand. It’s full of nutrients that help. Plus, it makes for quick dinners by adding some frozen mixed vegetables, diced celery, and whole grain noodles. You can also mix a beaten egg into bone broth for a homemade version of egg drop soup.

Arrange for Home Care Services

Home Care Manhattan Beach CA - What if You're Sick?
Home Care Manhattan Beach CA – What if You’re Sick?

In some families, the family carer keeps going even if a virus or stomach bug has knocked them down. In others, there are other family members who can step in. But, you need a better plan than that. Home care services are a good way to ensure your mom isn’t alone while also making sure you have time to recover.

Arrange respite care with our home care agency. Ask specifically about having a caregiver help out while you recover from the flu, RSV, COVID, or any other disease that’s dragging you down.

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