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Fall Prevention Methods for Senior Citizens

Fall Prevention: There are so many senior citizens who fall every year.

Some of them fall in their homes. Others might fall when they are grocery shopping or walking on a sidewalk. As a family caregiver, it is a good idea to help implement certain fall prevention methods for your elderly loved one. These methods can help them to learn more techniques for fall prevention.


Elderly Care in Dana Point CA: Fall Prevention
Elderly Care in Dana Point CA: Fall Prevention

Improved Mobility

One of the reasons why senior citizens fall is because they aren’t very mobile. If this is an issue for your elderly loved one, you should do things that can help them become more mobile. Some of the things that you or elderly care providers can do with them include the following:

  • -Go on walks to build up their endurance
  • -Help them do leg strengthening exercises
  • -Keep them active on a daily basis (even if that is only with household chores)

Have your elderly loved one get up out of their bed or chair at least a few times every day to move around
These are some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to become more mobile.

Medication Reminders and Check-Ups

There are some elderly people who fall because they don’t take medications. For instance, if your elderly loved one has medication for high blood pressure, but forgets to take it, this could make them dizzy. Dizziness is one of the common causes of falls in the elderly. It is important that you and/or elderly care providers are reminding your elderly loved ones to take their medications. In addition, there are some medications that might cause your elderly loved one to get dizzy. If your elderly loved one recently started a new medication and they become dizzy, be sure to talk to their doctor. There might be another medication that won’t make them dizzy.


Getting Safety Equipment

Some elderly people need safety equipment to help prevent falls. There are many things that your elderly loved one might need. Some of these things include a walker, cane, grab bars, shower chair, or even a wheelchair. If any of these are things that your elderly loved one needs for their safety in preventing falls, make sure they get them and use them.


Fall Prevention: Conclusion

These are some of the fall prevention methods for senior citizens. As a family caregiver, it is important that you help your elderly loved one to stay safe. There are many reasons that they could fall. Using the above methods can help to prevent these falls and prevent injuries related to falls, as well.


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