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Is Volunteering Something Your Elderly Loved One Should Do More Often?

Volunteering: When people volunteer, they often get such a positive feeling from doing so.

Social Seniors: Volunteering
Social Seniors: Volunteering

There are people who volunteer at hospitals, community centers, food kitchens, schools, and other places. No matter what someone is doing to volunteer whether they are reading to kids or cleaning up a neighborhood park, they are helping others. You might be wondering if volunteering is something that your elderly loved one should do more often. There are actually many benefits of volunteering for the elderly.

Improving Self-Esteem

One of the best things about volunteering, in addition to helping others, is that it can improve their self-esteem. Many elderly people stop feeling like they are important. They stop believing in themselves. However, volunteering can help your elderly loved ones to feel they have a purpose. It can help them to see that they are talented and helpful. These feelings can help build up your elderly loved one’s self-esteem.

Sharing Experiences and Knowledge with Others

Your elderly loved one has all of these years on this Earth. They have done so much and accomplished many things. One of the best things for the elderly is being able to share their experiences and knowledge with others. Your elderly loved one can do this by volunteering. For instance, they can sign up to talk at a senior center about finances, if they are good with that. They can sign up to read to children and talk about how they started loving to read. There are many volunteer opportunities that allow your elderly loved ones to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

Volunteering: Making Friends

If your elderly loved one needs to socialize more, volunteering can help with this. When your loved one volunteers, they can be around others who are helping people, as well. Your loved one can talk to these people and get to know them. They may even make some friends in the process. Even if they don’t become great friends with these people, they will at least be socializing more.


These are some of the ways that volunteering can help your elderly loved one. Does it seem like your elderly loved one could use something to fill their time? Do they just need to feel better about their life? Maybe they just want to help others. Volunteering can be a great way for your elderly loved one to do all of these things. If your elderly loved one needs someone to take them to a place to volunteer and you can’t do it, senior care providers would be happy to drive them.

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