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Senior Care: Five Ways to Cope if Your Senior Isn’t Listening to You

Senior Care: It may feel as if your senior isn’t paying attention to what you say at all. There may be a reason, and there are some tips you can use to help.
Elder Care in Newport Beach CA: Senior Care

Senior Care: Whether the issue you’re discussing with your senior is a big one or a small one, it’s really frustrating when you feel she’s not listening.

There might be some reasons for that, and there are some senior care tips you can use to help the situation to resolve peacefully.

Elder Care in Newport Beach CA: Senior Care

Be Gentle and Don’t Try to Rush Things

When you’re frustrated, you might be shorter with your elderly family member. Try to remember to tread lightly with her feelings and avoid rushing her. Most people who are hurried through decisions or situations that are new tend to dig in their heels, making this an important first step if you want to convince your senior to listen to you.

Ask Lots of Questions

Your senior may feel as if you’re the one who isn’t listening. So, take the opportunity to ask her lots of questions and then actively listen to her answers. You might find that once she feels heard, she starts to listen to what you’re recommending, too.

Prioritize What’s Happening

What’s absolutely crucial to have handled right now? Focus on that instead of on the entire list of issues you want to address with your senior. You don’t have to, and you really can’t, tackle everything all at once. Make a list in order of priorities, so that you can deal with one issue at a time.

Give Your Senior Options Whenever Possible

Options are so important for older adults. Your elderly family member may feel as if her options are continually being removed and she’s left with no choice at all. That’s not a great feeling if you put yourself in her shoes. Do what you can to make sure that she’s got options as often as you can make that happen.

Senior Care: Understand You May Need to Step Back

At some point, you and your senior may find you’re stuck. The problem might not be insurmountable, though, especially if you take a step back and regroup. That can be a lot easier to do if you’ve got help from elder care providers already. Take some time to look at things from a new angle and see if you and your senior can come to an agreement afterward.

It’s difficult to be a family caregiver when you feel like you’re not being heard by the person you’re caring for on a daily basis, but it’s important that you’re hearing her, too. The Senior Care relationship is one of give and take.


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