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Home Health Care: 5 Best Types of Therapy For Crohn’s Disease

Home Health Care: Crohn's disease is when inflammation is built-up on the lining of the digestive tract which can be very uncomfortable for a senior.

Home Health Care: Crohn’s disease can be very uncomfortable for a senior to deal with because it is a disease that affects the bowels.

Home Health Care in San Clemente CA: Crohn's Disease

It is when inflammation is built-up on the lining of the digestive tract. Due to the inflammation of this disease, a senior may struggle with absorbing nutrients from food, going to the bathroom, and struggling to digest food properly. There are a few treatments or therapies a senior can try before a doctor prescribes heavy-duty medication. Having Home Health Care around can be a huge help to you and your senior.

Some seniors will already be on medication to help treat chronic conditions, but you may wonder what home care can do to help seniors. What can go along with the medication to make this disease more manageable? Things like diet and exercise will help everyone live a healthy lifestyle, but there are also other natural options that home care can encourage a senior to add to their lifestyle.

There are natural treatments that seniors can try along with their medication. If they suffer from chronic Crohn’s disease, they should always ask their doctor for more advice. There may be particular food to avoid or eat more of. Home care can keep a list of everything a senior should and should not avoid for this disease.

Add-In Vitamins

Whether home care is cooking vitamin-rich foods or a senior starts taking supplements. This can significantly impact the digestive tract and the inflammation inside and outside the body. A senior can go get their blood levels checked regularly to see what vitamin deficiencies they have. Adding in iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B can help a senior with Crohn’s.

Take Probiotics

There are many ways to get enough probiotics every day. They can be found in kombucha, yogurt, or taken as a pill. Probiotics are good bacteria that help balance out the intestines. If a senior is not getting enough probiotics, it can be bad for their overall health.

Try Turmeric

In the health community, turmeric is always a great thing to have on hand. It can also be used as a seasoning to add to other foods. It is a spice that has been used medicinally for thousands of years and could help a senior with Crohn’s disease. Home care can try adding this into dishes to give it extra flavor, color, and health benefits. The main compound in turmeric is curcumin which is what helps Crohn’s. If the senior is not a fan of the flavor, they also come in pill form, which can be taken orally.

Try Out Acupuncture

This Chinese therapeutic medicine might be what someone needs to go along with Crohn’s medication. Very thin needles are placed strategically around pressure points in the body. This may seem alarming, but the cellular response from this therapy has been shown to help reduce Crohn’s disease inflammation.

Home Health Care: Practice Mindfulness

Many people, no matter what disease they struggle with, can benefit from mindfulness. People with Crohn’s may experience higher rates of stress and anxiety. Learning to take the time to practice mindfulness can drastically help a senior’s overall lifestyle. You can count on home health care providers to help your senior out to ease the stress.


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