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Six Tips to Wake Up Feeling Rested and Energized

Caregiver in Newport Coast CA: One thing that every family caregiver needs is a good night's sleep. If you're tired, the day will drag on. It's hard to get chores done when you have no energy left to give.

One thing that every family caregiver needs is a good night’s sleep. If you’re tired, the day will drag on. It’s hard to get chores done when you have no energy left to give. Here are six tips that help you wake up feeling rested and energized.


Skip the Alarm

When possible, wake up naturally rather than to an alarm in the dark. The body’s circadian rhythm uses light patterns to help regulate when you feel sleepy and when you feel awake. If you awaken when it’s light out or when your body naturally wakes up, you’ll feel better rested.


Drink a Glass of Water Before Getting Up

Before you do anything, drink a glass of water. This helps hydrate you after hours of going without a drink. That water helps replenish lost moisture in the cells of your muscles and organs.


Exercise Before Hopping in the Shower

Go for a walk, put on a fitness video, or use your exercise equipment before you shower. A workout gets your blood flowing and helps get your body revved up for the rest of the day.


Avoid Alcoholic Beverages Before Bedtime

While you might feel sleepier after drinking a nightcap, it’s also likely to prevent your body from going into the deepest, most restful type of sleep. You may also wake up feeling dehydrated in the middle of the night and need to drink a lot of water.

If you do drink a lot of water, you’ll end up waking up in order to use the bathroom. That’s another reason it’s recommended that you avoid alcoholic beverages close to the time you go to bed.


Time Meals and Beverages to End a Few Hours Before Bed

Don’t go to bed on a full stomach. With the stomach gearing up for digestion, acid reflux is more likely to occur if you lay down after eating. Try to eat your meal two or three hours before you go to bed.

You should also limit the amount of water or tea you have. You don’t want to have caffeine before bed. Any beverages you have right before bed will cause your bladder to fill up. You’ll end up having to make early morning or late night bathroom trips that interrupt a full night’s sleep.


Don’t Take on Too Many Chores

Stress can keep you from getting sleep. Family caregivers also struggle with sleep when they’re caring for a parent who doesn’t sleep through the night. Make sure you’re able to get enough sleep. Arrange elder care services.

With elder care services, caregivers help your parents. Use that time to take a nap, de-stress, or socialize. Learn more by calling an elder care agency.


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